Purchase and sales assistance

We all know that it is not easy to make the right match between horse and rider. This requires more than making a video and a phone call. We take that step extra what proved us to be the most important aspect for a long-lasting relationship. And that is exactly what Stal Krol is all about.

If you are looking for a horse in the Netherlands and get in touch with us, different questions will be asked back and forth. Such as your level, your goals and what kind of horse you have in mind. Thanks to our years of experience, we can also give you advise on what kind of horse we think would suit. Most of the horses we offer for sale come from our own breeding or were purchased as foals That means that we can tell the whole story and that is great for both sides. We also regularly have horses for sale from people we know well, so that there is enough background information available and that gives us confidence

“Building on reliability and trust”

Provide added value

If we don’t have your dream horse in our stable, we will of course look for it in our large network. We try to do more than make a video and a phone call. We will have a look and try these horses ourselves, often several times and also on other accommodations in order to be able to make a good judgment about the possible match. That is, when you don’t have the opportunity to come and try out the horse yourself. If there is, we will go with you to provide you with all the information and reliable advice.

Paperwork and transport

If the horse does not stay in the Netherlands, we can arrange all the paperwork and transport for you. From the necessary papers to get the horse on transport to the export documents.

Everything is arranged down to the last detail, so you can wait in patience until your horse is safely in the stable. It’s also possible to stable the horse temporarily at Stal Krol to continue training before the horse leaves for his new home.

Sell your horse

We not only assist with the purchase of a horse, but also with the sales. It’s an option to stable the horse at Stal Krol, so that we can train it and offer it for sale. But of course, it can also be arranged that the horse remains with its rider or owner and we only mediate in the sale.

Curious about our sales horses?