Purchase and sales assistance arranged to the last detail

In Handel in Brabant, we, Nico and his daughter Nelleke Krol have been running Stal Krol for years. The sale of horses is central to the recently renovated and therefore brand new accommodation. In addition, the purchase and sales guidance is an important part of the company and consists of more than making a video and making a phone call. We personally look for the best match for each customer and we offer the best service you could wish for.

Besides the breeding, rearing and training both dressage and showjumpers play a major role within the company. Nelleke also has her instructor’s diploma and she teaches up to Small Tour level.

Our goal is to make you as our customer happy with a nice horse that suits you. That is why we take great care in our breeding programme, the purchase and rearing of our horses. We want them to grow into healthy sport horses so that they can have a great career. In addition, the skilled eye for quality has already brought several top horses to the surface.

Are you looking for a horse in the Netherlands with quality that suits your needs?

Purchase and sales assistance

Are you looking for your new dream horse in the Netherlands and do you want a reliable advice about the purchase? Stal Krol not only has the knowledge and experience to find the perfect match, but also a stable with lovely horses and good contacts. We take just that step further than other companies, both in service and the arrangements afterwards. But you can also contact us for the sale of your own horse.


With an ORUN level 3 diploma and the necessary experience, Nelleke Krol is a certified instructor. During the training, the well-being of the horse is of great importance. The instructions are therefore set up in such a way that it is pleasant to work for rider and horse and also result-oriented. In the last years, Nelleke has studied the psychology of riders more and more, which means she has an above-average knowledge of, for example, competition stress.

“A family business without big fuss. Just real horse people with common sense of good horses. Every day I am still happy with the horse I bought and the good service from the Krol family.”

“I was looking for a perfect horse for a very long time but finding the ideal one is never easy. But then I finally visited Stal Krol and I fell in love with Everest. From the moment I saw him I knew he had to be mine!”

"We bought a 3-year-old gelding from Stal Krol and received excellent help. They think along with you, and look if the horse suits the future rider. We are very happy with Tango! He is very sweet and is a great trainingspartner. Everything that has been said about the horse is true. Stal Krol is a very trustworthy address! Definitely recommended."

“In the last years we have made a lot of progress in the sport, resulting in the transfer to the Grand Prix. Whatnow continues to amaze me time after time again with his talent for the heavier work in particular. Nico, thank you very much for pairing me with this top horse!”

About Stal Krol

With the construction of a new accommodation with 30 individual boxes, a number of spacious mare boxes for foaling and 20 places in the loose stables, Stal Krol has received a considerable upgrade. This means that the company has the following facilities:

  • Outdoor arena
  • Indoor arena
  • 30 Boxes + a few big stables for the breeding mares
  • Group stables
  • Washing boxes
  • Special mare box for the vet
  • Meadows
  • Paddocks