With an ORUN level 3 diploma and the necessary experience, Nelleke Krol is a certified instructor. Various teaching clients visit Stal Krol on a permanent basis to work on their skills.

The welfare of the horse is of huge importance in the training and management. The instructions are therefore set up in such a way that it is pleasant to work for rider and horse and also result-oriented.

In recent years, Nelleke has studied how to deal with tension and competition stress. As a result, she has an above-average knowledge of competition stress, driving anxiety and pressure to perform. She applies this knowledge in a nice way in her training sessions.

Nelleke herself has ridden several times at Small Tour level and has trained several horses in prior to their sports career. She has also followed in-depth courses in the field of exercise physiology and training structure of horses.ress, anxiety when riding and pressure to perform. She also regularly trains with grand prix trainers.

In addition, she is a judge at B-L level, so she knows very well what the judge wants to see and what you should train as a competition rider. With her knowledge and tips she is the best person for dressage riders and show jumpers are here at the right place for a dressage basis.

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